Wavemakers: Marketing Strategies for Attracting Investors with Alejandro Garza

ETF Think Tank’s Head of Research Cinthia Murphy hosts a series about innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship in the ETF industry told first-hand by those who are leading the effort: ETF providers.

Our guest this week is Alejandro Garza, Founder and CEO of AZTLAN Equity Management.

In this episode, Alejandro tells us that this business is challenging but delivering real value in the form of a best-in-class structure is very rewarding:

  • Starting a global advisory business and entering the ETF space is a lot more difficult than most imagine. You need a “rebellious” inner voice to make the leap.
  • The line between passive and active management can be blurry. Foreign market constraints led to innovation in the toeing of that line for their ETF.
  • Getting the word out is key. It can take a lot of marketing effort to find an investor segment.

Read more and see the full transcript:

For important information about AZTD, visit: https://www.aztlanetfs.com/

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