Get Think Tanked with Rob Isbitts

The income investing environment has improved lately in terms of the yields you can capture on an investment, but that has come at the expense of negative total returns. What good is a 4-5% dividend yield if the investment loses 10%? Rob Isbitts, who runs, believes he has an alternative strategy. He was a financial advisor for 27 years and has been charting stocks for more than 40. He joins the ETF Think Tank to discuss his process and how it can work for those in or near retirement.

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Management Matters

Management Matters

Last week, my colleague did a great job highlighting the difference between

ETF Industry KPI – 10/3/2022

ETF Industry KPI – 10/3/2022

Week of September 26, 2022 KPI Summary ETF Launches Avantis® All Equity Markets

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