Fred Thiel on The Blockchain Interviews with Dan Weiskopf

Dan Weiskopf interviews Fred Thiel of Marathon Digital Holdings on this episode of The Blockchain Interviews. $MARA

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0:00 Start
1:54 Fred Thiel on his relationship with Merrick Okamoto
11:30 Why miners are important for the blockchain ecosystem
15:59 Fred Thiel on Marathon’s focus on Bitcoin
17:58 Fred Thiel on how big the Bitcoin and Etherum market can become.
21:04 Fred Thiel on the evolution of technology
26:33 Fred Thiel on Bitcoin industry consolidation
35:44 Fred Thiel on what Bitcoin investors are missing
38:44 Fred Thiel on which industries will be the most impacted by the blockchain.

“This is a movement to centralization, not decentralization.” – Fred Thiel on Etherum

“Because of the Chinese shutdown, we are in the most profitable time to mine that there has ever been.” – Fred Thiel of Marathon Digital

“Bitcoin is the single best way to convert energy into money.” – Fred Thiel of Marathon Digital

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