Structure Matters: Due Diligence Comments from ETF Think Tank Calls

China: How you invest in China is a tactical and structure matters decision, but there  should be little question that a strategic allocation to the country is necessary. China is simply too important to ignore for a long-term investor.

In the Tank we are having ongoing discussions about international investing. Complacency and a natural home bias has made U.S. investors under allocated towards this area of the world. With some irony, the U.S. population is only 4.3% of the global population and while population is not an investment factor it will ultimately have an impact on the global economy.

As a fiduciary, what’s your strategy for investing in China?

ETF Innovations and Tax Implications

ETF Innovations and Tax Implications

When is Transparency Not Transparent?

Smart Beta is the Walking Dead

Smart Beta is the Walking Dead

Client Alignment and Growth Advisors who believe in ETFs and believe that

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